Why a Ghillie Suit is the Best Camouflage

Camouflage is the art of hiding in plain sight, the ability to fool the eye has been the goal of the military and hunters through out human history. The science behind the art lies in the way a person perceives the world he lives in. Our brain perceives visual input as separate objects matching what it sees to a memory, when our eyes see a long horizontal brown area on the ground the brain interprets that item to be a log. The brain will also connect identical images together creating one large image; imagine a stack of same colored blocks military hunting airsoft paintall camouflage suit B074W53Y8H.

The art behind the science is to create images that mimic nature so that they are not readily seen by the eye as being manmade. By breaking up the color of the surface of an object using natural shades of colors, the human eye will connect identical images and what is man made now looks natural. At its simplest level, flat objects like BDU and other military gear is ‘camo’ colored and then used, the use of a ghillie suit take this camouflage concept to another level.

Using the ghillie suit for camouflage adds a depth of field to the camouflaged wearer, because the suit is constructed out of layers of stained and dyed material. Now not only is the wearer blending in with the surrounding colors, the layers of material create shadows just like the natural environment it’s being worn in. The chameleon ghillie suit adds a ‘camo’ veil across the wearer’s face to shield against any reflection from glasses or eye shield that might be used. Adding a camouflage wrap around the rifle and a veteran user can disappear from all but the experienced opponent.

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