Top 10 Future Trends of 2015 in Social Media

Rethinking the technology we use is not the job of manufacturers alone, and should not be. Seeing how it should be in the future, in my view, is as much the work of consumers because they are the ones for whom this technology is made. Social media is an extension of modern technology. You use it, how you like it to be this year and five years from now? The best of what the future could bring to social media and other technological fruits is to get users into shaping change. Looking at the 2015 friends and think how can you create this change.

10 Halt of Propaganda
Social media is profusely used as a method of advertising, but it is expected that this will stop but not as a whole, mainly the swindling part of it. People are able to spot those who present fake service or products and shun away from them.

9 Smaller devices
The platforms to skim through and browse social media are even getting smaller, wearable devices are just an example. It all started Google glasses, fitness tracker and different VR devices that are getting into vogue even more.

8 Media-based
Videos and images will take up more space over the web gradually till they become the major trend. So you can say that Pinterest is replacing Facebook soon, and more of YouTube-like websites will take place. That’s why the tools of expressing ideas in pictures and videos will be plugged in browsers so users do not need external tools like a headset microphone or camera to shoot their videos.

7 Social Customer Service
Customer service has started to take place over the social media, but still phone calls is having the biggest share. Many customers trying to get information through social media are faced with delay or complete ignorance. Its advantages and spread, however, will make it replace phone calls but this needs extra help from social media makers to boost this new (market?)

6 Anonymity
The focus on anonymous sharing over the web will increase. It has already started with apps like Whisper available for users of iOS and Android. This will not only be an infatuation but a major method of sharing especially under despotic political systems savage instagram captions.

5 More of LinkedIn
If you filled a job application online before, you would know that many employers ask for your LinkedIn and/or Facebook account. The first is more famous and gets frequent updating among adults of 30 or older. LinkedIn targets businesses, the future trend would be laymen, the kind of users Facebook speaks to.

4 More of Instagram
The same with Pinterest and You Tube, Instagram will get into vogue more because it depends on images. Actually teenagers in America are more Instagram-driven than any other social media website.

3 Twitter advertising system
Facebook is charging business pages for every like, share, etc. Twitter however is not that demanding. It depends on the overall performance of a page. This will bring it more business ads.

2 Ad-Free Social Media
Ello, is offering the balance between socializing and keeping users’ personal information safe – according the service providers- and no ads are presented as well. However, the premium version will cost users money. This is not going to draw many users to the Ello pool.

1 Facebook Ads
Advertising system on Facebook is witnessing a change. The website is decreasing post reach so that business pages turn to the promote feature that boosts money for Facebook. So Facebook is doing it on purpose: to reduce what is called “organic post reach” that was once free to increase the paid-for service. This is going to get even more in fame!

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