Spy Lighter – A Weird Novelty Gadget

Weird is normally used as a negative connotation. Your weird cousin Seet who has too much hair, that weird shoes your girlfriend is wearing, the weird-looking dish that your mum served for dinner. Today I am going to talk about a weird device which does not necessarily mean it’s no good. It is simply: weird USB Rechargeable Lighter w/Longer Flexible┬áB07KK6VFPC!

The Spy Lighter

This Spy Lighter is able to take real time recording of video and also picture. So what is so weird about this lighter you might ask. Let me tell you: It is voice-activated.

Now I do not know about you, but when I am on a top secret mission spying on my enemy, I would like to remain as silent as possible. Being discreet has always been how I run my mission, people normally don’t even remember I was at that specific location.

So why should I get the Spy Lighter

Well there are other uses for the Spy Lighter. For example you can use it as a security recorder. This novelty lighter has a very high sensitivity sound activation so it can pick up even the slightest sound and it will start recording.

One of the useful features of it is that there is a time stamp on the video. That information is extremely precious for a secret agent like me.

Weird is just Different

If you don’t intend to get the Spy Lighter, I hope that I have at least changed your perception of the meaning of the word ‘weird’. To me, weird simply means different. It does not necessarily mean that it is bad.

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