Protect Your Dog Wash Business From Lawsuits

Even if your dog wash is only a 10 by 10 room with one tub in the middle you are running a full blown business. Do not let the possible small physical size of your location or a relatively small amount of income overshadow the possible legal problems you can encounter. You know what I’m talking about here: lawsuits.

I can hear you groaning now but stick with me a second. If you remember the Golden Rule of lawsuits every day you’ll be in better shape. The Golden Rule of Lawsuits is as follows “Someone can be sued by anyone, at anytime, for any reason or no reason, regardless of actual facts, regardless of who is at fault and even if there has been no actual harm done to anyone whatsoever.” Okay, it’s a little tongue in cheek but basically it’s true, right? I am not a lawyer but to find this stuff out for yourself do one thing for me. Ask a lawyer this question, “What can I possibly be sued for if I own a dog wash business?” and be prepared to listen for a while.

Let’s look at a basic coin operated dog wash business. Lets say there are two tubs, a location of roughly 15 feet by 15 feet, with concrete floors and a small utility room in the back with a locking door. You’ve got one or two doors, a chair or two and a couple of mats on the floor. What can possibly go wrong that someone could sue you for? Use your imagination…

There’s a puddle of water on the floor that someone slips in and breaks a hip mobile dog grooming sydney.

A mat gets pushed back by an opening door and somebody trips over it hitting their head on the tub.

The water coming out of the hose is too hot or too high pressure and a kid, just messing around, sprays his little brother in the face causing eye damage.

The shampoos you use for your dog wash business can cause eye irritation to people or dogs, and it does.

A dog gets free from its owner, runs out of your dog wash business, across the parking lot, into traffic and is run over.

A couple of kids break into the utility room and, when playing around with the breaker box or water heater, get badly burned.

Someone’s dog hates getting a bath and jumps awkwardly out of the tub onto the floor breaking its leg.

Some dog shampoo gets on a pet owners $2000 leather coat and ruins it.

Now, you’re probably thinking…”But wait just a minute! Most of those things above would not be my fault!” And, when talking common sense, you’d be right. The owner should have secured there dog to prevent a jump, you had a lock on the door the kids broke into and who the heck wears an expensive leather coat when washing their dog for Pete’s sake? But never forget that very often common sense and the word of Law have never met.

This is not meant to put you off of business nor to scare you away from the coin operated dog wash business. It’s simply a reminder to talk with your attorney and insurance agent to make sure that both you, personally and your business, will be protected in the event of something like the above. There are dumb things that happen and there are people who will attempt to take advantage of your business to earn a quick buck. Just be aware these things can happen!

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