How to Buy a Mini Notebook Computer That Will Meet Your Needs

Since their introduction the mini notebooks have been particularly popular amongst people who wanted to stay in touch while on the go or simply wanted to get some work done while commuting. These little laptops are truly remarkable partner in many tasks, should you choose wisely.

There are many people who have never heard of netbooks and they hardly know the difference between PC and MAC, but that is just fine. It is so easy to get the right notebook it doesn’t require you to be totally computer savvy, but geeks do not skip just yet, even if you are aware of what to look for in a notebook, minies can catch you off guard.

1. Always think about your goals before making a purchase. It goes for everything else as well, not just these computers, but it is really important when you buy something similarly limited device. Think about your average day and try to come up with a few things you do every day on your laptop and would hate to be unable to get done Pocket  Intel Quad Core Z8350 B073JHZCML.


2. Once you know the things you will be running choose a netbook. This sounds like a big bite for just one step, but this is exactly what you will have to do. Choose one you wouldn’t mind using in public. A good mini can run for 7 hours on one charge, so chances are that you will use it quite often, you might as well pick one you think looks nice.

3. Check the main components of the computer before making the purchase. Looks is not everything, screen size, resolution, processor speed and amount of memory is just as important. Try to pick one that has at least 10″ screen. It doesn’t add too much cost over smaller ones, but you will thank yourself you did get the bigger one, they are just that much more comfortable to use on the long run.

4. Make sure the processor speed is adequate. The reason is not quite clear, but some manufacturers still put 1.3ghz z520 Intel Atoms in their computers, when they really shouldn’t be doing that. It is a little less power hungry, and keeps the cost of the unit lower, but there are so many better processors on the market that you should never settle with it. If you are to watch movies and YouTube videos, gravitate towards 1.6ghz Atom, or the ultra low voltage Celeron that comes with an Intel Core technology heritage.

5. Less than 1GB memory is now a rare sight, but still happens. Don’t let it to be you whom it happens to. 2GB is better, 1GB is good enough, anything less than that will make you want to throw the whole thing away once you run into some multitasking.

Just by choosing more consciously you will be able to spend your money on better computers, and end up with a device that will meet your needs and serve you for an extended period of time.

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