Can You Run Cars on Water?

However, what most people do not realize is that amidst the bleak future that the media portrays in relation to the unending fuel price hikes, there is the promise of an alternative source of energy. The technology of hydrogen-fueled vehicles is being further developed these days, particularly with the continued rise in fuel prices.

Hydrogen is particularly harnessed by the use of water in place of gasoline. This may sound unbelievable, especially since we have all grown accustomed to using gasoline to power vehicles. Thus, the question most motorists ask whenever they hear the news about hydrogen-powered cars: “is it possible to run a car on water?”

The answer is both a yes and a no. While there is a hope for cars to be fueled exclusively on water, that technology is still not completely harnessed. However, there is a technology wherein water is electrolyzed in forming what is known as Brown’s Gas or HHO. This gas is added to engines and is mixed with fuel. With this gas, the car’s engine burns more efficiently, allowing it to have lesser emissions.

The engine will use a portion of the gasoline, and then another portion of HHO gas. Usually, the car engine makes use of 70 percent gasoline and the other 30% by HHO gas. This provides a lot of savings for vehicle owners since the engine does not have to use a lot of fuel in running the vehicle LS parts.

In making this technology operation, a vehicle owner has to install a hydrogen generator in their vehicles. There are hydrogen generator kits available in the market today. These items can fetch for as low as $200. There are also professionals who can install the hydrogen generator system into car engines. But those who are knowledgeable in car maintenance do not have to seek the help of a professional since installing the hydrogen generator kit is quite easy.

There are a handful of benefits that the use of HHO gas provides to motorists. One of these benefits is fuel efficiency. With the mixing of HHO gas, carbon is removed from the engine. It results to greater fuel efficiency, and ensures that the car’s engine will last even longer. It also means that vehicle owners get the most out of their car’s engine, and they are able to maximize the use of gasoline

Another advantage of using HHO gas for vehicles is the savings it affords to vehicle owners. There are studies that cite the use of water gas can improve the mileage of a car by an estimated 35%. Additionally, using HHO gas is more environment-friendly compared to use of gasoline.

There are however some downsides to using a hydrogen generator. First, there is the problem of controlling the HHO and preventing it from getting hot. It can also be very to start the engine during freezing weather.

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