Being an NBA Accredited College in India

Established by AICTE in 1987, the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), India has been an autonomous body with effect from 7th January, 2010. The NBA was established under the section 10(u) of the AICTE Act, purposed at the evaluation of the technical institutions and educational programs that are undertaken by various colleges and universities in India. The evaluation is supposed to be done on the basis of the norms and standards specified by AICTE council.

The objective of NBA, as has been revised since its becoming an autonomous body, is Assurance of Quality and Relevance of Education, especially in the professional and technical disciplines. Commonly the programs that are covered under this are Engineering and Technology, Management, pharmacy, architecture, hospitality, and a few others.

A new process, parameters and criteria for accreditation have been introduced by the NBA. They are ensured to be in line with the international practices that are oriented to evaluate the program outcomes. Being accredited by NBA implies that the college or program in question is internationally recognized and there’s a guarantee of quality education in a particular educational institute under discussion.

Once an institute is accredited by NBA, it enjoys the status of being called the following:

An institution that can identify its programs with high standards and excellence in technical education

College that is assured of adherence to good practices that are global benchmarks for the institutions with high repute.

An institute that has the ability to evaluate and appraise its own faculty, facilities as well as the performance of its students

An institution that is enabled to rate its programs on national level to attract good, capable students

An institution that provides quality human capital to the employers worldwide as well as the society.

The institutional programs are accredited by NBA on the basis of the following:

Having the potential to sustain and continuously improve upon the assessment criteria 2k19 mt for sale.

Demonstration of capabilities of the institution and program to adhere to the qualitative criteria of accreditation.

International recognition and guarantee of globally recognized quality education.

Thorough Assessment of complete institutional infrastructure, laboratories, hostels, facilities, faculties, canteen, guest house, medical and all other academic as well as cultural and social activities by peer group of learned NBA experts through a visit to the institution and making relevant recommendations to the NBA.

Benefits to Students
There are several benefits that the students get out of NBA accreditation of a college:
1. They get a reputed degree that has international technical quality standards
2. There is an assurance for them to get the best quality education
3. The students get preference in placement by MNCs and world class employers

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