Aromatherapy at Bath Time

Every Christmas you will probably end up with some sort of smell to put in your bath, and the majority of these will have their ingredients based on aromatherapy. The aim of these aromatherapy bath products are to make your bath time even more enjoyable and relaxing after a hard day at work or to rejuvenate tired muscles after a hard exercise session Organic Large Ball Gift Set For Girls/Boys B079Z292G8.

There are a wide range of aromas that you can choose from to help your body relax in the bath. The long list of off bath bombs, bath oils, bubble baths and scented soaps you can get nowadays will all contain natural ingredients that will help to rejuvenate the mind, body and skin while in the bath.

Probably the most widely used scents in Aromatherapy Bath products are lavender, lily or rose. Lavender is known to help relieve headaches, insomnia, tension and stress, while rose can give a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. Some other ingredients you might find used in include foods such as cucumber, melon, peach, or apple, if these are all combined with chamomile which is well known to Soothe and relax you could have the perfect aroma to relax in the bath with. Floral oils like jasmine or rose oils, usually make perfect bath concoctions. Jasmine can help to revitalise and restore energy.

The most basic way to use Aromatherapy Oils at bath time is to use six to ten drops of your favourite relaxing essential oil in a bath full of water, perhaps lavender or rose, and then lie back, relax and let the good effects of aromatherapy directly seeps in to your respiratory, skin and nervous system to help relax you or to soothe those aching muscles. If you are planning on adding the essential oils to your child’s bath, it would be wise to only use half the amount of essential oil

You could also add your own concoction of bath oil containing a number of oils. This is purely personal and you can choose your favourite oils. Remember that no two people are affected in the same way by the same blend of aromas or natural ingredients. Therefore, you may need to experiment a little before finding the exact remedy that is right for you in certain situations.

Some examples of these include to relieve anxiety add a few drops of Lavender, bergamot, Melissa, geranium, and ylang-ylang to the bathwater or to be more alert in the morning try using the herb jasmine.

Hopefully this article will have given you a brief introduction into how you could use aromatherapy at bath time to relax or revitalise., and that you will now start to look into using it in your own day to day life.

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