Amazon Offers Great Opportunities to Build Your Book Sales

Every new writer’s dream is to have his/her book listed on Amazon. There is no question the site is one of our top bookstores and the online leader in book sales. When you simply place your book on the site, it will generate purchases. But with a modest amount of effort, you’ll find yourself really building sales.

You can increase your numbers substantially by taking advantage of the promo programs Amazon offers its authors. Begin the process by providing a good photo of your book cover. Amazon will place it on your Listing Page, the basic page that every visitor sees first. A page without a cover photo immediately loses sales strength.

Write a description of the book that will excite potential buyers, and submit it with your book cover. It will appear under “Product Description.” This is your chance to express whatever you wish about the book you’ve written.

Click on to Amazon’s “Author Central” site and discover the simple process required to add “Search Inside.” This is a special program the site offers that allows potential readers to view limited segments of your book at no charge. It has proved to be a very effective sales tool, and more than 50% of the books Amazon lists now offer it best drone
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Editorial Reviews

Very often publications review a book and will not take the time and effort to post it. Smart authors then extract several sentences from the review and post them as an endorsement which is allowed on the site under “Editorial Reviews.”

In addition to extracts from publication reviews, you should reach out for as many endorsements of your book as possible. These are shorter blurbs written by well known people that praise the book. They too are placed in the “Editorial Reviews” section of your listing page

Book Reviews Enrich Your Listing

Build the power of your listing by including reviews by a good cross section of reviewers. Include members of Amazon 1,000 top reviewers, experts in the subject your book is about and well known people in the writing/publishing industry.

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