6 Critical Reasons Why A Small Employer Should Implement A Worksite Wellness Program (Even You!)

Worksite wellness programs are for small employers too. As a small employer, you do want to offer an effective and successful wellness program, correct?

For the small employer, the critical reasons to offer a wellness program are just as real as they are for larger employers. I view the small employer is being an employer with less than 100 employees and more generally, with less than 50 employees. For the small employer, the critical reasons are primarily non-financial in nature. For a number of reasons, I think many small employers will be very hard pressed to see health related savings generated by a worksite wellness program.

Like all employers, the small employer should view worksite wellness as an investment in their employees and their business. This is an investment that will certainly pay off in any number of different ways.

Critical Reason #1: A Great Place to Work

As an employer, you want to be seen as being a great place to work. This pays off both with employees and how you have viewed in the larger community. There is no better source of publicity and marketing for your business than having employees talking about how great a place it is to work Migraines Treatment.

Critical Reason #2: Right Thing To Do

As a small employer, you get to know your employees real well. They often become as close to you as family members – In fact, some may even be your family members. Helping them to achieve happiness, staying healthy and being successful is just the right thing to do.

Critical Reason #3: Reduced Absences

Healthy employees are less likely to get sick. This means less missed work. A healthy immune system can fend off more bugs and germs. If a healthy employee does get sick, they can often recover quicker. The fewer health risks the employee has, the smaller their risks for developing a chronic disease.

Critical Reason #4: Reduced Presenteeism

Presenteeism is best described as an employee being physically present at work, but not engaged in their work because they are distracted by a health or other life issue. Worksite wellness programming and interventions can help to keep employees better engaged in their work.

Critical Reason #5: Employee Turnover

It is challenging for small employers to match the wages and benefits larger employers can offer. Many employees are, however, motivated by more than money and benefits. Having a wellness program is often seen by employees as a sign that, as an employer, you care about their wellbeing and that is meaningful to them.

Critical Reason #6: Employee Recruitment

Many potential employees today are looking for something other than just a job. Having a worksite wellness program can result in your being seen as an employer of choice.

For the small employer to offer a worksite wellness initiative can be challenging. There are, however, models, practices and resources available to help you. Community-based resources are one such source.

All of the above reasons are critical reasons why you should consider implementing a worksite wellness program in your small business.

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